Certified coach. Experienced consultant.

To help my clients get to the root of what is going on in any situation so they can make practical, sustainable changes for themselves, their teams, or their organizations, I use proven coaching methods and tools that are recognized by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). 

A complement to the coaching is consulting expertise in learning, organization development and talent management.  Sometimes, you’re looking for an answer or professional guidance to make a decision. You get both!


Facilitation guru

Give me a marker and a dry erase board and I’m in heaven—ready to bring you results! I don’t just “instruct” or lecture…I create an environment and tools that lead workshop participants to not just develop knowledge, but to make connections to what they already know and apply what they’re learning to their real-time world.

Need to get people on the same page? Got conflict? Using a combination of consulting, coaching AND facilitation, I help clients knock down barriers and get aligned. You can’t go around it. You gotta’ go through it. And I’m the guide.


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Dot-connector and root-revealer

Most situations don’t have a “silver bullet” solution. My goal isn’t just to sell my clients any solution. The goal is to find a sustainable solution, which means we need to work together to find the root cause and the factors contributing to the challenge you are facing. Then we collaborate to put the structure in place you need to achieve results.

Communication and engagement expert

Employee engagement is a big deal. Ask Gallup. Establishing trust is the foundation of improving team results. Ask Patrick Lencioni. The key to many if not most initiatives is in the details of communication: What, When, and How you are communicating. Understanding the audience. Who is doing the communicating. Developing talking points. Aligning messages. Leveraging color, images and other marketing principles to connect with the audience.  This takes time, energy and expertise. I help clients improve engagement by increasing productivity around communication AND the effectiveness of the message.


Corporate culture geek

I have ALWAYS been fascinated with corporate culture, at least as long as I was actually aware of it. Starting with trips to Disney in high school, I was amazed with the company’s ability to emotionally connect with guests and employees. I turned that into an incredible learning experience—the first decade of my career! I help clients make the connection between the culture they want and the culture they have. We work together to explore what's working, figure out where you'd like to make changes,  patch the gaps and strengthen your foundation.


Experienced talent management professional

People drive business results. As a former HR leader, generalist and specialist, I "get" HR operations and I know the what and how to drive business results through human capital. People are both predictable AND unpredictable. It’s a tough business. For my larger clients, including other consultants, I’m another set of hands on large projects, or a thought partner on project strategy, or a leadership coach.  On smaller projects, for smaller clients, or coaching individual leaders, we tap into my HR expertise to make sure we’re not missing anything on the HR front.

My experience is fresh, relevant and current. No expired certifications on my resume!